About - Bob Best


Bob Best is a hobby landscape and travel photographer based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

For me, this is a hobby, not a career, and I much prefer it that way. I want photography to be about the craft and the enjoyment of the journey of creating an image. Because of this, all imagery I create is for me, not for a target market. That said, I welcome any and all feedback and criticism; this is how I will grow as a photographer.

So why do I love photography so much? To me, it is the perfect blend of tech and art. I have always been a gadget geek. I love technology, and I am very technical at heart (hint: I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering). I am also a very passionate person. The arts have always appealed to me because of the way they allow others to convey passion and emotion. Photography blends these two worlds together beautifully (not to mention I was never any good at drawing or painting).

That's really it. I'll keep this fun. I'll post some imagery. I'll post some blogs. Sometimes I won't post anything for a long time. And that's just fine with me.

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