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Why I Switched To Windows

February 14, 2016

The day was inevitable. After 6 long years, my 27-inch iMac finally bit the dust... and I decided to (gasp) switch back to a Windows machine for my photography needs! Crazy right? Well I've got several good reasons why I made the switch. Continue reading to learn more.

I've seen the writing on the wall for almost 2 years now; general performance degradation, random restarts, frozen OS, and crazy color artifacts on the screen. But computers are expensive, especially photography computers, so it can be a heavy decision to simply go out and buy another one. I decided I would wait until I had no choice, and that day finally arrived (and sooner than I had hoped). The issue appears to be with the motherboard AND the video card, both of which have proprietary Mac form-factors and are therefore not cheap or not even possible to replace. No disrespect to my Mac. It was a fantastic computer that served me well for many years, but it was time to move on.

So the big question was where do I go next? Of course I started looking at Apple again. The new 27-inch iMac 5K looked very appealing, but something hit me as a major no-go: difficult or impossible (and expensive) replacement of failing components. Plus, with that fancy 5K display, when the day comes to move to a new computer, I also have to leave behind a perfectly good 5K display and buy a new one. What a waste!

This is where a huge win comes in for Windows based desktop computers. If the video card goes, I buy a new one for a few hundred bucks and install it myself. Same story for the other biggies like the motherboard and the processor. So I set out on a quest to build myself a fully customized computer for my needs and budget, which of course meant going back to Windows.

After spending some hours researching every piece of hardware, I had my list ready and headed on down to Memory Express (no affiliation) to place my order. This new computer was going to be a beast: 4GHz i7 processor, 32GB RAM, GTX960 video card, SSD, and a new 4K monitor (probably the most exciting part). One drawback of this choice? Instead of un-boxing a beautiful machine from a beautiful package, plugging it in, and getting started, I spent my afternoon un-boxing several components and building the computer from the ground up. But I'm kind of a geek, so I secretly enjoyed that part.

After assembly, data transfer, and software configuration, I was ready to go. I have to say, this new machine flies! It is crazy fast, the display is absolutely beautiful, and I'm genuinely enjoying the Windows 10 experience. Dare I say I enjoy it more than Mac! I also feel comforted by the fact that if any component ever fails or becomes outdated, I can simply it.

My New Computer

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